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Lequgou (i don't think they are official forwarder anymore)

Since I have blogged about 65daigou here, I have been receiving quite many negative comments about the company and it sort of made me question my choice, like.. have I been cheated or anything lol. There are also some comments that seem like ads which are not visible to you (because I did not approve them la) While I appreciate people's comments, this is NOT an advertising space for anyone except me.

Some of the feedbacks I have gotten include company overcharging, poor inspection service and generally bad service overall. Most of the commenters mentioned that they used buy for me service instead of ship for me (the one I usually use).

Who is 65daigou's Target Audience?

(note: this is my perception, of course the company sets out their own TA group, but this is just what I think who SHOULD use 65daigou)

1) People who just want a few items

Taobao official forwarders have a "base charge" of  approximately RMB20+ to RMB45 for the first 1kg. This means that regardless of you buying 1kg worth of stuff or not, you are still required to pay up till RMB45 for shipping. If all you want is a SGD0.50 hello kitty pen, paying ~$9 shipping fee would have been nonsense. If this is you, you would enjoy greater cost saving from 65dg's $1.69/500g (vol weight). One might actually suggest the new official forwarding service where everything is even more automatic, but there are a lot of nightmare stories regarding it, I think it is called ZTO so, really do not try unless you have a lot of patience. 

2) People who buy electronics

Certain official forwarders do provide sea shipping, but I have never used them before so I cannot comment. Electronics, water-based products are banned from air shipping (e.g. shaver, watch and ink PEN yes wtf) Some people did commented that watch can be shipped via 4px, but again I never dare risk. So if you need sea shipping and again, if you only have a few items, this should be your choice. 

3) People who cannot read Chinese

This is especially for buy for you service. 65dg has done a fairly decent job at including a fair number of sellers' shops within its portal. For people who absolutely cannot read Chinese and hate the extra effort of using google translate. Then 65dg buy for you (or buy for me, I cannot remember the name for the life of me) is for you lol.

Who should not use 65daigou?

1) People who do not understand the economic concept of trade-offs

What does trade-offs mean? It means when you get something, something else must give. 
So if you get the easy service of reading in English, you need to give away your money as agent service to 65daigou under their buy for me service. 

If you want 65daigou to place the order FOR you, saving you the HASSLE of tracking them yourself. The trade off is that service fee. If you think those stuff do not need effort, you really should try buying stuff yourself and see how much hassle it is. 

2) People who do not read the entire website in full (i.e. the I think, I thought, I assume people)

65daigou lists out almost every imaginable details that people need. One common complain I saw was how a light item can have such a high shipping fee. This really pisses me off a lot because the company actually took the pains to explain what is the difference between volumetric and actual weight and yet people still get angry. I mean, would it kill you to just READ. If you do not understand what it means, ASK? 

3) People who think that just by paying service fee they are god. 

Another point is the inspection service provided for buy for me customers. This is something I often refrain from commenting because I do not use the service (unless got free agent promo lol). To put in context the service fee one has paid covers: buying the item for you + hassle of tracking item + basic inspection. Take for example you are buying a $20 top and the service fee is 8%. That is $1.60. 


I cannot even buy a McChicken with that. Yet some people demand the sky just because of the 8% (or 4% if you are SVIP). Do you go and shout at all the waiters in restaurant  to waive off the service if they provide meh meh service? Some restaurant even charge this 10% service fee when it is actually a self-service place, do you go and complain to them about it? Likewise in this case you cannot expect the company to take out a measuring ruler to measure every single item you ordered right? Of course if you ordered a pink item and it turned out to be green, yes then 65dg is an ass for being colourblind. I also need to add here that if you did not buy insurance, the maximum 65dg will pay is $100. So if you really do not feel safe, please add that insurance fee in. Remember you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. 

That being said...

I have heard of cases where 65daigou deletes negative comments on Facebook or offer to pay some money so that people can modify their comments. Not sure how true that is but this is a very typical Taobao way of dealing with a problem. I once wrote a negative feedback for a shop because I ordered a yellow top and it turned out to be red. The seller even gave nonsense like "oh the monitor color different, oh the lighting also affects" Like F you really. After the negative feedback, they promptly suggested a refund + a VIP card - as if I would ever shop there pui. 

Ok, I digress. 

So if you have any grievance not just for 65dg but other agents really, please feel free to comment here so we can all learn from your experiences. Again, I need to remind though, this is NOT an advertising space. I WILL moderate the comments. 


  1. Companies who delete negative reviews are such cowards. Goes to show they're not worth buying from!

  2. Nowadays having tons of places for online shopping can be a problem but only ones will survive who respect their customers.

  3. ooo i nvr buy from this agent before..i use another agent so far so good..

  4. I have tried using 65Daigou through my friend, it's great! I love the service! =)

  5. well, heard of them before but i don't think i'll ever use their service because... i don't shop taobao! hahaha! anyway i have many friends who are taobao experts and if there's a day i really need to get something off taobao, i'll seek help from them instead. :)

  6. this is such a new knowledge for me to know about.
    thank you so much for sharing :)

  7. Something really new for me... I haven't try this service before though heard about it always~

  8. I haven't used this before, I shop through friends that are Taobao experts so I've never had to deal with all these agents before. Thanks for sharing anyways, it's good to know. x

    GIG Love,
    Siew Hui

  9. I've yet to try a forwarding/mail company I tend to just stick with brands that ship directly.
    I'm might try some in the future though

  10. I've not heard of it but its great that its not in Chinese

  11. Now that's something is very new to me. I've never tried or heard of this kind of service before

  12. I haven't really heard of this company and nor have I shopped from them. Sad that their service is not up to the expectation. I'm glad you gave your honest review here.

    - GIG Love - Chai - Style a pastiche

  13. Both of these companies are super confusing to me! Obviously because I don't know Chinese but you explained a lot. Thanks dear.

    much love... GreenStory

  14. I haven't heard of this website before but one should really weigh all the pros and cons before shopping from a new website.

  15. Well never heard about this kind of issue tho :o
    So I can't really relate it with myself >.<

  16. Ok this is interesting and thank you for sharing your input and honest review on this website. I haven't heard of this site before and pretty sure won't be buying from them.

  17. this is very informative. bookmarked! thanks for sharing!


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