Skycart Review II

11:28 AM

After my sort of disastrous and yet fairly pleasant experience with Skycart here, they have since then done quite a fair bit of improvement. Oh! I forgot to mention that they have actually dropped by my house and passed me a water bottle gift personally during Xmas o.0 That was really unexpected and a nice touch! It was not even a plastic bottle but a decent glass one :')

Nonetheless, I still thought they needed more improvement before I should ship with them and they clearly thought so too, for they offered to waive all agent fees until Feb 2016 as they improve their services and revamp the site. Things are certainly much sleeker now.

Having said that though, I have actually used Skycart a second time as you can tell from the screenshot below. It was accidental. I wanted to use 65daigou but forgot to change to its address *facepalm* One thing still has not changed though:
When all the items have reached the warehouse, I was actually puzzled why 65daigou didn't notify me like it usually did. So I actually inserted the order details myself until FIVE days later, I then realised that these items were shipped to Skycart instead. I have no idea what has changed since Jan 2016, but during my time of order (end Jan 2016), Skycart is still unable to automatically add your items into your account (I used Ship for me service). This was a tad disappointing.

Anyhows, I only have four items this time round, so manual adding did not give me much grieve. They managed to consolidate all parcels under one order and ship it out. I got my items pretty quickly this time round. The final tiny hiccup was that the driver waited at another but nearby area during self collection, so I was a wee bit confused.

I am still not 100% happy with the post-shipping, as you can see from the above picture, the status are still not updated and neither could I see any detail inside the bill summary. This is not a problem if you are buying stuff for yourself and you have already done your monthly accounting. It is going to be a problem if you have helped your friends buy stuff and you have no idea how much the shipping cost was. Of course the fastest way is to enquire via the chat, but having an automated system would have been better.

Would I try Skycart again? Yes, if and only if it has a self collection place closer to my house. Right now, the closest collection point is a train stop away. If you think about it, it is actually a very #firstworldproblem, but then again I would have to spend money (eating dinner) and time travelling to and fro, so there are still economic costs to that.


  1. I haven't heard of this company before. Glad to know about the gesture made by them. But, the post-shipping past is really disappointing. I am sure they have something to say about it. You can contact them and ask for an clarification and if they fail to do so then it won't be a good decision to try their services again. It's just my own opinion. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

  2. I never heard of this before, but probably it will be the next one to try when I buy from taobao! =)

  3. ooooo i still dont dare to ship everything by myself as i dont know mandarin which can be hard....

  4. Never heard about the company. Here in Indonesia there is a similar company named JNE and very well known for delivering stuffs from online shop xD

  5. never heard of this company before. but then again i don't shop on taobao (don't even visit the website!) so i guess it's understandable that i don't really get all these shipping agent thing...

  6. I never been able to justify the wait of post shipping procedure no matter what service it is. Glad to know about this skycart company and their service! never used them before but will keep your experience in mind for future!

    Much Love... GreenStory

  7. Sad to hear about your initial bad experience with the company, but glad to hear their personal touch of gifting you a water bottle during Xmas.

    xoxo - Chai - GIG Love - Style.. A Pastiche!


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