[review] Bobby the bag

Awhile ago, a bag named Bobby was made known to the Internet and it spread like wildfire on my Facebook. Even my mom also saw it on a magazine and said she wanted it. Unfortunately we missed the early bird price and we stopped thinking about it.

Here's the Kickstarter link if you are interested to get one.

BF (or should I say fiancé now - still find it hard to switch term) wanted a bag and he too fell in love with the functions Bobby has. Since I was shopping on Taobao, I thought why not try the platform?
As you can see from the screenshot below there were some shops selling the same bag, except that it is known as Montmartre not Bobby.

Naturally we question the authenticity of the bag, but given that they also had a project on Taobao, maybe Montmartre is a name for its Chinese project. (Based on some people's review the crowdfunding cost of the bag was RMB199 (SGD40+)). 
from the KS link. 
We eventually got the bag for RMB365 (~SGD74) before shipping, partially because we wanted the bag quickly and here it is!! Now, Bobby is not exactly out yet so no comparisons can and will be made.

Er nothing much, just to show you how the zips look like. Zipping was also pretty smooth.

Ta-da! The bag in midnight blue colour. In the kickstarter campaign, black and red were introduced at a later time, so those colours were not available on Taobao. I know this looks like black, but you will see why in a minute it is actually midnight blue. Also when empty the bag can stand by itself.  

Side view of the bag. Big danbo is inside to show you that there is also to put your air tickets or keys etc. The back has cushions, which makes comfortable carrying. 

When opened, it can be opened out 180 degrees, I didn't do it here because I do not have a wide angle lens (you see so poor thing, need to use blanket as background hai) and I had limited space in the room. If you don't want to open the bag flat all the time, you can stick back the two "flaps" to prevent that from happening. It has both velcro and buttons. 

To see how much stuff it can hold, I have slotted in : 
  • external hard disk (note, the hard disk cannot fit into the pocket on top, but it can fit a normal size power bank, if you have a hello kitty power bank, maybe cannot hor)
  • pens
  • bulky Panasonic GX1 (ample space for DSLR)
  • 1 micro 4/3 lens (which was on top of the big danbo, otherwise you cannot see the lens)
  • iPhone 6 at the side flap (not sure if it can fit other bigger-sized phones, but it seems impossible)
  •  little danbo on the other side flap just to show that you can put your keys/earphones/ez-link card
  • iPad air 2 (this fits snugly into that slot, so if you have a bigger tablet or an iPad with case, you might have to use the bigger slot
  • Macbook Pro 13" (you can fit a bigger laptop into this slot, there's still ample space)

I figured if you have the iPad and the laptop, you dont have to bring lecture notes to school already right ?! But ok if you are that much of a mugger, there's still space for that. The empty bag weighs about 1.1kg, so with all these stuffs in it, it can get quite heavy. However as the laptop and iPad do not lean forward in this bag (like i experienced in other bags), it felt much more comfortable carrying them around. 

For a female of an average height (1.6m) the bag can look quite bulky, so for females who want this bag, maybe get a grey one so you look less like a ninja turtle or try and customise your bag by sticking some stuff on it. The size should be alright for guys. We just got this bag, so we cannot comment on how durable it is as yet, but I will try and update this space once my bf start to abuse this bag :D So far it is a 10/10 from me!! 

pardon the cui picture lol


  1. Hello. Can I ask for your update about Bobby so far? I'm planning to buy I'm still skeptical about it. Thanks.

    1. so far it is working great for my bf! He brings it to work everyday and there's no tension on his back anymore because of the way the laptop is being placed. It still looks like a ninja turtle shell, so if aesthetics is your main concern, then maybe you have to avoid this one.


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